Overview: Creating a Article Glossary / Dictionary

The glossary feature is a great way to define terms, and have the meaning easily rendered to the end-user.

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

Article Glossary Video Walkthrough:

The Glossary feature allows you to create a list of terms and phrases that will help users better understand the content. It's as easy as hovering over and we show you what the expression means!

What is an Article Glossary ?

The Article Glossary is a simple way to define unique terms to your business or organization, and have the explanation/meaning be presented instantly to the user. You can think of it as a dictionary of terms.

After defining a term, all you need to do is use it, and Helpjuice will automatically insert the definition for it to be visible (on hover), when you save (or auto-save) an article. 

If the Word/Expression is underlined, you can simply hover over and we will tell you what it means!

How does a term get displayed? 

In the editor: You can simply click on the blue highlighted word, and you will see it's definition pop-up.

In the knowledge baseOnce viewing an article, you will see the term highlighted in a blue & dotted line under the word. Simply hover over it.

Example of a defined term / glossary

Helpjuice Article Glossary feature is fantastic. As you can see, hovering over the glossary term will display the meaning. Cool, isn't it ?!

Creating / Defining a Glossary 

Creating your Glossary is super easy and you can do this in the Glossary Section AND directly in the Article Editor.

Glossary Section

To access this section:

  • Access your Dashboard
  • Click on the Glossary option
  • Enter the Expression and its Definion
  • Click Save

You will notice that each item added has an Edit icon (where you can edit Expressions and their Definitions) and a

If the Word/Expression is underlined, you can simply hover over and we will tell you what it means!

Delete icon. If you delete the Expression, you will lose definitions in all articles where this expression appears.

Any user can edit Expressions, but Created By will display the name of the the user who created them, not the name of who updated the expressions.

It is worth mentioning that all Expressions and Definitions will be shared across different languages.

Article Editor

You can also add Expressions to the glossary directly from the Article Editor.

  • Click New Article or edit an existing article
  • Select the word you want to add to the Glossary
  • Click Add to Glossary
  • Add the meaning of the highlighted Expression
  • Click Save to Glossary or Cancel

Internal Users can click on the Edit icon directly on the front end and all users will be able to upvote/downvote the definition (according to the Access Level of the article).

Definition By and Votes can be removed via Code Customization. Super Administrators and Administrators have full access to the Customize section, but if you need any help, do not hesitate to submit a customization request and our team will take care of everything!

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