How To Create & Restore Backups

Helpjuice Backups allow you to back up your entire knowledge base in a ZIP file and restore it later on.

Written By Emil Hajric (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

What are backups?

Helpjuice backups are automated/manually run backups of your entire knowledge base content, users, and files, which are saved to the cloud and can be downloaded in a zip file. 

Backups can be accessed by clicking on the Backup and Restore Icon, from where you will be taken to the backup & restore screen.

(Backup & Restore page, where you can see all the automated/manual backups and restore them)

Automated vs. Manual Backups?

By default, we'll back up your knowledge base every 12 hours and keep your data for 7 days. If you wish to manually back up your knowledge base, simply click "Run Manual Backup now."

You can change Automated backups to be:  Every 12 hours, Daily, Weekly and Monthly  

Restoring & Downloading a backup

Downloading a Backup:

You can download a backup by clicking on the Download icon next to the backup you wish to download. In the downloaded zip you will see the following files:

  • account_id – Your account ID. 
  • uploads.csv – A table of all uploaded assets and their file names. All assets will be under the categories folder.
  • groups.csv – A Table of all groups created & permissions
  • passes.csv – All unique Category/Question passes. A pass is a unique permission setting (e.g. only allow X,Y,Z to see Question/Topic)). 
  • categories – All uploaded image assets 
  • answers.csv – All Article content stored. We store it separate as more systems accept this format 
  • questions.csv – All Article data except content stored.
  • categorizations.csv – All Categorization data stored 
  • categories.csv – All Categories & their attributes. 

Restoring a Backup

If you wish to restore your knowledge base content, and/orusers, and/oruploaded files, you may do so by clicking on the Restore button next to the download icon. Clicking on Restore, you will see a prompt which allows you to select which items you wish to restore. You may restore all, or unique parts. 

Please note, checking the "Override existing data? (Uncheck if you don't want your current data to change)" checkbox will override any existing data found (e.g. if two questions are similar, it will override the current one with the "new", restored one) 

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