How To Set Up Your Custom Domain


Written By Fernando Acosta (Draft Writer)

Updated at April 26th, 2017

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Your Helpjuice account comes with a default address, like You can get rid of the part and use a custom subdomain name instead, like Adding a domain is easy, only two steps.

Helpjuice setup

  • Open your Dashboard
  • Click on your profile picture at bottom
  • Select Settings
  • And then Company Info

Fill in the CNAME field:

Domain setup

Under your DNS settings, of your DNS provider, make sure to create a new record for what you'd like your new Helpjuice Knowledge Base URL to reside on. Something like that:

Name Alias

In some cases you'll be asked for a TTL field, you can use 43200 as value.

That's it! With this small setup your custom domain is ready! Now you may want to set up friendly URLs to improve your customer experience.

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