Guide: Article Planner & Requests

What the Article Planner is (video), how it works, and settings.


Written By Emil Hajric (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 11th, 2019

The Article Requests feature allows you to turn Contact Form Submissions from public and/or authenticated users as Article Requests that you can later on Delete or Accept as new Articles, as well as give you a kanban-like overview of your knowledge base. 

It's a Kanban/Trello alternative for planning your knowledge base. 

Overview of the Article Planner Feature

Why should I use this feature? 

Article requests is a fantastic way for you to keep track of all unfound/requested articles that are flowing through your knowledge base, that you could very easily convert into a article available, simply by dragging & dropping the Article Request into a Draft Article. 

Think of it as a Trello for all knowledge base ideas. 

How do I enable/disable the feature? 

By default, it's enabled on your account for all users that can access your knowledge base. If you wish to toggle enabling it/disabling it, you may do so under Settings -> Contact Form (listed under Company Settings) -> Add contact form submissions as new article requests. 

There are additional options such as allowing it to only be visible to logged in users.

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