Category Page Concept

The Category Page holds a list of subsequent categories and questions

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Updated at May 20th, 2020

The Category Page holds a list of subsequent categories and questions under the specific category. Check the Standard Sections article ‍to obtain a comprehensive list of sections available to use.

The Category Page usually counts with two lists:

  • Subcategories List: Child categories are sub-topics under the specific category;
  • Questions List: All questions inside the category.

Category Page on the Helpjuice's Template EngineThe highlighted section represents the content of the Category Page theme file located on the customize section.

Category Page Concept

The focus of the Category Page is the two lists already mentioned in this article. Check the Standard Design Guide for more information on list styles and also the Shopify/Liquid Syntax documentation for more information on how to use loops‍.

Here is a simple example on how to list all questions and subcategories on a Category Page:

<h2>Sub categories:</h2>
<ul class="subcategories_list">
  {% for categories in category.children %}
      <a href="{{ categories.url }}">
        {{ }} ({{ categories.questions.size }})
  {% endfor %}
  {% for questions in category.published_questions %}
      <a href="{{ questions.url }}">{{ }}</a>
      <p>{{ questions.description }}</p>
  {% endfor %}

Check the Shopify/Liquid Documentation‍ for more information about the available objects to use on the Template Files.

The main purpose of the category page is to group related content.

Ideally, on the category page, the user would be able to understand whether the list contains its subcategories or its questions.

Good examples:

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