Troubleshooting: Too Many Redirects

Written By Diego Selzlein (Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

When using a custom domain name (CNAME, like, you may have an issue with Too Many Redirects.

This is a problem with your custom domain configuration, not with Helpjuice, and you may need to reach out to the person responsible for maintaining your domain (DNS) configuration.

When that error shows up, it's because your custom domain is pointing to a CDN service like Cloudflare or CloudFront. We recommend avoiding putting your Knowledge Base behind a service like that because a CDN is focused on fast content delivery and it caches response to achieve that, which may not be desirable for content that is always being updated.

If you can't avoid using it, then to fix the issue, you need to make sure your service configuration is using HTTPS to communicate with Helpjuice.

If you are already using HTTPS and you are still getting the error, then the problem is caching. Make sure responses are not being cached by your CDN, because that causes endless redirection loops when Helpjuice tries to authenticate the user and the CDN responds with a cached and obsolete response.

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