How To Retrieve Searches Through API

Written By Diego Selzein (Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

Note: You're located in section for advanced users. Please use this section only if you're familiar with API's.

Use the following URL to retrieve searches:


3453162,1885,installing,installing,,1,true,false,2015-06-19 23:27:43 UTC,2015-06-19 23:27:43 UTC,,true,,,
2816305,1885,installing,installing,,1,true,false,2015-05-01 00:17:29 UTC,2015-05-01 00:17:29 UTC,,true,,,
2816306,1885,non profit,non profit,,1,false,false,2015-05-01 00:17:40 UTC,2015-05-01 00:17:40 UTC,,true,,,
3453171,1885,installing,installing,,1,true,false,2015-06-19 23:27:44 UTC,2015-06-19 23:27:44 UTC,,true,,,

By default, searches will be returned in CSV format. However, it's possible to retrieve them in one other format: XLS. To do so, you just need to specify the format in the URL, as follows: => to retrieve XLS spreadsheet


  • Blank response: if you are not seeing any data, or you are receiving a corrupted file (in case of XLS), that's because your Knowledge Base is marked as internally only. Solution: if you are using a browser to access the data, just sign in before making the request. Otherwise, you'll need to use your Private Key (accessible under Settings > API Credentials) in a request parameter called api_key, like:

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