How To Retrieve Questions Through API

Note: You're located in section for advanced users. Please use this section only if you're familiar with API's.

Our public API provides access to any public knowledge base content, such as questions and categories.

Use the following URL to retrieve questions:

You can further filter and order the questions returned via Query Parameters:

Returns only questions under this category.
Limits the number of questions returned. The maximum limit is 1000. If you need all your records, you'll have to use this parameter combined with page.
page Useful to retrieve questions in chunks. Integer 1
Orders the questions returned. Allowed: "name" and "updated_at".
segments[key] Shows questions with the given segmentation fields. This option accepts multiple parameters with different keys, being able to specify multiple segmentation fields. Example: "/?segments[brand]=helpjuice&segments[name]=questions" String null
related_to Returns only questions related to the question parameterized.
Integer null

It's also possible to scope the questions within a specific language. To do so, just provide the desired language in the URL using the following syntax:


    "name":"Embedding Videos Into Your Knowledge Base",
        "name":"Using Our Text Editor",

By default, questions will be showed in JSON format. However, it's possible to retrieve them in other 2 formats: XLS and CSV. To do so, you just need to specify the format in the URL, as follows: => to retrieve XLS spreadsheet => to retrieve a CSV file


  • Blank response: if you are not seeing any data, or you are receiving a corrupted file (in case of XLS), that's because your Knowledge Base is marked as internally only. Solution: if you are using a browser to access the data, just sign in before making the request. Otherwise, you'll need to use your Private Key (accessible under Settings > API Credentials) in a request parameter called api_key, like:

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