How To Display Articles In Multiple Categories

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

The Also Display In feature allows you to display articles in multiple categories without having to copy/paste the content. Any changes made to the article will be automatically displayed in all categories where the content is also displayed in.

Displaying Articles In Multiple Categories

To use this feature:

  • Click New Article or edit an existing article
  • Click Categories
  • In the Main Category tab, select a new Main Category (if necessary)
  • Click Also Display In and choose where the content should be also displayed in

In your Dashboard, you can easily see if the article is displayed in multiples categories. Just hover over the folder icon and all locations will be shown.

Support Home

Support Home is not considered a Main Category. If you have an article in Support Home and try to also display it in a new category, the article will be moved to that category.

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