Article Versions And Revisions

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

You can create independent Versions of an article and every time the content is updated, a new Revision is created.

Versions And Revisions Overview


Every time an article is autosaved, saved as a draft or published, a new Revision is created. To access Article Revisions

  • Open your article
  • Click on the information next to the 'Save Draft" button 

You now have access to all Revisions! You can see when the article was published, what changes were made and also choose a different Revision to replace the current one.


It's possible to create as many versions of an article as you like. To create Versions:

  • Open your article
  • Click Versions >  sign

One version does not replace the other - it just creates a new URL with the Version Number appended to it, so you can use several versions at the same time.

You would have URLs such as:

  • yoursubdomain/article/version/2
  • yoursubdomain/article/version/3
  • yoursubdomain/article/version/version#

It is important to mention that the Default Version will be the last published one. So, if you have Version 1 saved as a draft and Version 2 published, Version 2 will be displayed by default.

If both versions are Published, the last action will be taken into account, which means that, if you publish V1 and then publish V2, V2 will be displayed by default. If you go back and republish V1, this version will be shown by default.

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