SSL Certificates

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

If you are using Custom Domain, you will need a separate certificate. HTTPS protocol is valid for all * subdomains, and when you're using CNAME your domain HTTPS is no longer valid for * HTTPS still exists on your KB login page and it exists when you don't use CNAME, but when you do use CNAME the HTTPS isn't shown.

Uploading Certificates And Private Keys

Uploading your certificate is fairly simple, and you can do it by yourself, you'll just need both security files of your domain CNAME - Our servers accept wildcards and also defined domain certs.

Once you have the files:

  • Click on your Profile Picture > Settings
  • Access the SSL section
  • Upload your¬†Certificate Chain
  • Upload your Private Key

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