Single Sign On with Azure AD

Written By Diego Selzlein (Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

To enable SSO in your Azure account, follow the steps in this tutorial:

For the Basic SAML Configuration, use the following information:

After that, go to Helpjuice Settings > SSO (SAML) and input the configuration provided by your Azure AD SAML Toolkit as follows:

Use those to fill in your Helpjuice settings, that should look like this:

And at the bottom of that page you'll also need to set as issuer and select <blank> in Authn Context:

That's it, this should get your SSO authentication working.

Updating my Azure Active Directory SSO Configuration

Should you ever need to update your configuration on the Identity Provider side (Azure AD), this is the path to find that configuration page: Azure Portal > Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications > Azure AD SAML Toolkit > Single sign-on (left menu). That should get you to this page:

Then you can update your configuration by clicking on the pencil icon.

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