Index Page Concept

The index page is the first page loaded when accessing the Knowledge Base

Written By Guilherme de Andrade Arantes (Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

The index page is the first page loaded when accessing the Knowledge Base. It usually counts with a grid containing the all categories or at least the top categories to ensure a friendly navigation to the end-user. Check the Standard Sections article ‍to obtain a comprehensive list of sections.

Index Page on the Helpjuice's Template Engine

The highlighted section represents the content of the Index Page theme file located on the customize section.

Index Page Concept

How do the users find what they're looking for?

  1. Search results - They may search for keywords or questions;
  2. Links navigation - They may click on a category or a question link;

That is the main purpose of the Index/Landing Page: Help the user on finding the content.

On the Index Page, it's very good to have some of the Standard Sections listed below:

What should be done on the Index Page?

Proper Branding. The Knowledge Base should be as similar as possible to the main site and follow the company branding. Check the Template Customization‍ article to understand how you can customize the site.

Contact Us Section. This section usually display a message that reads similar to "Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us" with a Contact Us button. It'll be used when the user does not find what they're looking for on the Knowledge Base - ideally, it would be placed on the footer or in the end of the template as users should try searching before contacting.

Ideal Sizes

The search bar should be as large as possible on the landing page - this is the most important feature the user will use on the site.

The navigation links - category tree or sidebar links - would be as much as explicit as possible.

Good examples:

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