Text editor features


Written By Eldin Hajric (Administrator)

Updated at December 20th, 2018

With Helpjuice you have the ability to: 

  1. Insert Colors
  2. Insert Emoticons
  3. Change font size 
  4. Add Unordered/Ordered Lists
  5. Increase/decrease indent
  6. Insert Images (up to 10mb) 
  7. Insert links
  8. Insert files (up to 10mb)
  9. Insert videos (up to 500mb) and embed videos
  10. Insert Tables
  11. Insert Quotes
  12. Clear Formatting
  13. View code
  14. Insert Articles
  15. Insert Tabs
  16. Insert Accordions
  17. Insert Helpjuice alert blocks (info, warning, success, error)

Image of our text editor: 

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