Slack Integration

Written By Emil Hajric (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

Slack Connected Successfully! 

You're seeing this because you've now successfully installed the Helpjuice Slack Integration!  Congrats! 

What now?

Now that you have connected Helpjuice to your Slack account, Helpjuice will automatically send every Slack User that also has a Helpjuice account a message, letting them know about the Helpjuice Slack Integration and how it works.

Any user that is not connected, Helpjuice Slackbot will allow you to invite them through Slack, if they have a Helpjuice login - if you are an Admin. 

How does the Slack integration work? 

You can get a list of all commands by running the /helpjuice help command, however, some of the common actions available are: 

  • Search knowledge base articles using the /helpjuice "your term"
  • Instantly create/capture knowledge by selecting text & clicking on "Create Helpjuice article" 
  • Be notified of any changes made to any articles by visiting the Helpjuice bot

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