Using Custom URLS with Questions and Categories

What are Custom URLs and how do they work?

Custom URLs are one of the best ways to make your knowledge base more user-friendly. It also doesn't hurt that Custom URLs can help you with SEO if you're using Helpjuice as a public knowledge base

 By default, Helpjuice will auto-generate your URLS in a id-question-name format. However, we believe URLs should look pretty, not like a mathematical equation.

With Helpjuice Custom URLS, you can edit the URL structure on two levels:
* Category
 * Question

The default URL format for Helpjuice Custom URLS are yourkb/category-name/question-name.
However, if a question doesn't belong to a category it will reside onyourkb/question-name.
Of course, if a question does belong a category, and you'd like to visit the category page, the URL would be yourkb/category-name.

Changing/Assigning A Custom URL for Categories

To do that, you only need go to the dashboard, and click to add a new category or edit an existing.

You can't use special characters for category or question slug. Helpuice will automatically remove it.

Changing/Assigning A Custom URL for Questions

To change or assign a custom URL to a question the process ir similar to categories, but inside the question editor.

Open the question that you want to edit and edit the slug in the sidebar.

For new questions, Helpuice will automatically generate the slug based on your article title. 

If you edit an article, the slug won't be updated. So, you can use the Generate from title option to rebuild your slug.

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