Hiding categories/questions from public view

Protecting categories and questions from public visitors is one of most important things in Helpjuice. We take privacy very seriously and in this article we're going to show you how you can hide some categories and questions.

How to hide category or question from the public?

Long story short, by setting it to be internal. Other names on other websites that you might heard instead of internally are protected or locked. After you activate this option you'll see lock before category name. What this means is that now your category is hidden from public visitors except for registered users to your knowledge base.

To set a category to be internal/protected simply change accessibility to Internal (Helpjuice user).

And that would be it! After saving it, category will be hidden from public visitors.

Almost the same method applies for protecting question, except location of where you choose accessibility. You can find this privacy option while you're inside text editor and it will be on the left side of the screen. Simply change accessibility to Internal (Helpjuice user)and your question will be visible only to registered users on your knowledge base.

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