How does Autosave Work?


Written By Diego Selzein (Administrator)

Updated at December 13th, 2016

Helpjuice's question editor autosaves your changes every 2.5 seconds for questions that has been already saved once. Therefore, if you just close the page and come back to it after, you'll see a message like this:

You can continue editing the question normally and your new changes will be saved as well. If you would like to discard those changes, you need to click on See Original. Then, you'll see a message like the following:

This time you'll be seeing the original version of the question, before any autosave was performed. If you just save the question as it is, Helpjuice will discard the autosaved version.

Important: new questions are not autosaved. We recommend that, when adding a new question, save it as soon as possible as draft and then finish typing it by editing it. This way, the autosave mechanism will be activated and you will not lose content.

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