How To Import Content

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

You can easily import content into your knowledge base! To access the Import Section:

  • Click on your Profile Picture > Settings
  • Click on  the Import Section
  • Choose the option the best fit your needs

Importing from XLS or CSV

When you start importing content into the KB, you can choose the format and configure the columns

If you import the file and receive a red error screen, it's probably because the file is .xlsx and not .xls. Try using the .xsl format and if the error persists, contact us.

Copying Content Between Languages

Simply select the origin and destination and click on Copy Content. We will do the rest!

Helpjuice will not touch existing content in the destination language. This is an "all or nothing" operation. If any error occurs during the process (including validation), the entire process will be aborted and no changes will be made.

If the files are in a different format, contact us and our Import team will help you with migration!

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