Main CSS

Written By Emil Hajric (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

The CSS File will hold huge part of the visual rules for your Knowledge base.

This file is included through the head section on the Main Layout, it is only advisable it's modification for users already familiar with CSS, any syntax doubt can be assessed through here, or by direct contact with our support team

Our product is compatible with SASS Variables and uses this variables to access values picked on our Basic Customization tab:

  • $links_color: color set in Links field;
  • $titles_color: color set in Titles field;
  • $body_color: color set in Body field;
  • $background_color: color set in Background field;
  • $theme_color: base color for the theme. It's used in the header's background and some other places, like in buttons;
  • $body_font: Font Set on the Body Font field;
  • $titles_font: Font Set on the Titles Font field.

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