How To Integrate 3rd-party Apps Into Your KB

What is Helpjuice Customization based off? Can I integrate 3rd Party apps?

Helpjuice's Customization Framework is based off the Liquid Markup Language. This means that you have full control over how your knowledge base is rendered, aswell as how questions/articles, category pages, contact-form pages (for when people can't find an answer) and knowledge base index pages are displayed. 

In a lot of scenarios, you might want to use, for example WuFoo as your contact form, or have contact form submissions feed directly into your Ticketing Application.

Because of the wide range of uses for 3rd party tools, you can personally plug them in, if they have a javascript/iFrame way of implementation throughout the app. However, if yo'd like, we can personally implement this for you within 12h; All you have to do is contact us.

What does each page under customization represent?

Once you access the customization section of Helpjuice, you will notice, on your left-hand side a menu of several options/pages and a "main layout" option. Below are listed out the main uses of all these pages and how they're used when customizing your account;

Main Layout (always rendered)

The main layout is the layout which renders the "default" styling, or the boilerplate/template for other pages. This setting is the most important, as this is where you'd want to alter the overall look and feel of the knowledge base. Main Layout also contains a line of Liquid code {{ content_for_layout }} which renders the content from the Index Page/Question Page, etc. depending on where the customer is 

Index Page

This page is rendered when user visits the "Home/Index" of the Knowledge base.

Question Page 

This page is rendered when user visits the "Article/Question" page

Category Page 

This page is rendered when the user clicks on a "Category/Topic"

Contact Form

This page is rendered when the user searches for a query, and no results are returned, so Helpjuice shows a contact form

Thanks Page 

This page is rendered once user completes the contact form and clicks submit

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