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Written By Emil Hajric (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 3rd, 2018

I'm writing in regards to your question about changing category icons. I inserted the icon and I'll write short step by step procedure how you can do it by yourself, however, I encourage you to send me icons and I'll import it for you.

Regarding procedure of changing icon, I just wanted to say that we will simplify this procedure in one of the future updates. And here's step by step guide how to replace icon.

There are two ways to insert or replace category icon. This is the first way to do it using CSS and text editor:

  • Find icon, download it and upload it using text editor ("Insert file" button in text editor)
  • When icon is uploaded click HTML button in text editor and copy icon URL (starting with https://...)
  • Open Customize -> CSS Editor and find few empty/placeholder CSS classes that I made starting with: .icon-CATEGORY-NAME...... (around line 360 in your account)
  • Replace -category-name with the category name of desired category separated by minus sign, e.g. .icon-this-is-my-category-name....
  • In the CSS property: background-image:url(paste_image_URL_here), replace paste_image_URL_here with URL of image you copied in text editor
  • You're done. Category should now have icon.

Another way to do replace images is to send me icons (or link to icon) and I'll do it for you :)

PS. This isn't in our help page because not everyone has the same design.

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