File/Image Upload in Helpjuice


Written By Diego Selzlein (Administrator)

Updated at August 23rd, 2018

Helpjuice uploads files and images to Amazon S3 and serve them via Amazon CloudFront. The upload process happens this way:

  1. The browser sends the file/image to Helpjuice's server (Froala handles it);
  2. Helpjuice send the file to Amazon S3;
  3. Helpjuice returns to Froala the URL to that file/image, which is generating using CloudFront for better performance;
  4. Froala inserts the link in the pages

Some caveats:

  • The file size limit is 500MB;
  • The image size limit is 50MB;
  • Because we are managing the upload via Helpjuice's servers, the request/upload must happen within 30 seconds. Otherwise, the connection will be interrupted and a Request Timeout status will be returned to Froala, which will show a generic error message to the user.

When the file is too big or the internet connection can't upload it within 30 seconds, we recomment the user to host the file somewhere else and then just referencing it in his Knowledge Base using his own link.

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