Using Helpjuice's Multilingual Knowledge Base Feature

By default, Helpjuice supports multi-lingual knowledge bases. We support, out of the box 12 languages, including:

  1. English US - default
  2. English UK
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Spanish
  7. Swedish
  8. Dutch
  9. Polish
  10. Japanese
  11. Russian
  12. Portuguese

You can test how this works in real life example by going to this multilingual Knowledge base of our customer, Indeed.

Default English KB:
(default link:

Italian KB:

German KB:

And so on for other languages. Did you recognize the pattern we used? The only thing we're changing is the language code at the end of the URL and it's all one account!

You'll notice that if you, for example, open Knowledge base in the German language and delete ?kb_language=de_DE from the URL, you'll still see the German version and not the default English. That's because the language cookie is saved in the visitors browser so that the visitor doesn't have to enter ?kb_language=de_DE on every visit. That way Helpjuice will know that the visitor is using the German Knowledge base.

How to write questions on different language?

You can quickly switch through languages by going to upper left corner inside your Dashboard. After you hover your mouse there, a dropdown menu will appear and you can change to your desired language. Once you're inside the different language, you can write new questions which will appear only for that version of your knowledge base and will not interfere with other languages.

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