Overview: Internal Sections of a Public Article

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

What are internal sections / blocks ?

Sometimes you'd like for your public article to have a part that only your team, or a subset of your team can see. To achieve this, we would simply create an internal section, and define who we wish to see it, and insert the content.

How do Internal Sections look like? 

For the end-user that cannot see it, they simply won't see that section.

For the user that can see it, they'll see something similar to this: 

How do I Create A Internal Section?

In the article editor, click on the Insert Internal Block option.
A Restricted Section will be created, and you can choose if it will be INTERNAL or PRIVATE.

Internal Sections/Callouts

An internal section is visible only to internal Helpjuice users. 

For example: You can have a PUBLIC article, which anyone can access, but an INTERNAL section that only your Helpjuice users can access.

Private Sections/Callouts

Private sections are only visible to select Helpjuice Users or Groups.

It is important to mention that the Access Level of Articles will always have priority over the Access Level of Restricted Sections, which means that all users with permission to Edit the article will be able to see all its Restricted Sections in the Article Editor.

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