How To Create Articles

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

Articles are used to provide a deeper understanding of a topic and helps to keep an organized structure on your knowledge base.

When you create a new article, it is automatically saved as a Draft and will not be published until you click the PUBLISH button, located in the upper right corner of the article editor

To create an article:

  • Click the + sign in the side panel or click New Article in the upper right corner of your Dashboard
  • That's it! You can start writing content

Draft Articles

Drafts are not indexed by the Helpjuice search engine and will not be shown to users that are using your knowledge base. You can work on a Draft Revision until it is ready to be published and the results can be previewed by clicking on the button.

Ready to publish? Take a look the section below

Publishing Draft Articles

If you want to publish the content, all you have to do is click PUBLISH and the article will be available to your users.  
To view the published version, simply click on thebutton

Editing Articles Without Over-Riding Published Version

Clicking SAVE DRAFT will always remove the article from the end-user view. 

If the article is On Published Revision and you need to edit the content without over-riding its Published Version and without turning the content into a Draft, AutoSave will do it for you! Just edit the content and don't click Save Draft or Publish- the editor will autosave the body of the article and any keywords you may add!

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