How To Create Article/URL Redirects

Great whether you wish to have a simple redirect, or are moving from a previous knowledge base solution

Written By Amanda Stancani (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020


The Article Redirect feature allows you to choose target articles and redirect users to them!

Some practical examples you can use Article Redirects to: 

Creating Article Redirects

Creating Redirects is fairly simple, and you can do this in the Article Redirects section AND directly in the Article Editor.

Article Redirects Section

In this section you can manage all your Article Redirects! To access it:

  • Open your Dashboard
  • Click on the Article Redirects option 
  • Choose where the content should be redirected from (it cannot be an existent article? and to which URL it should be redirected to

Article Editor

  • Open the Target article
  • Click on the menu displayed next to the article URL 
  • Add all URLs that should redirect users to that specific article.

Example of an Article Redirect

We set up this article redirect for the sole purpose to show you how simple it is! If you visit it'll take you to our KB examples gallery!

And of course, here's how it looks like in our backend:

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