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Decision trees are the best way to guide a user to the appropriate response based off asking a series of questions.

Written By Emil Hajric (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2020

Decision Trees Video Walkthrough:

What are decision trees ?

Decision trees are a simple way for you to present different answers, based off a series of answers to questions. Some people refer to it as 'troubleshooting'. 

How do decision trees work?

With Decision trees, you are able to ask a series of linked questions, in order to present different responses based off the answer to those questions. 

Decision trees example

Below is an example of decision tree. It took us 60 seconds to make it using the Helpjuice Decision Trees editor. 

Decision Tree
This will determine if you should use decision trees.
Do you need to present different answers to the same question? 

  • Yes

  • No

  • Add Button

How many scenarios do you believe you'll have ? 

  • 1-2

  • More than 2, and they'll likely have more questions

  • Add Button

Maybe Helpjuice Tabs / Accordion is just fine. Decision trees might be an overkill, but it's pretty awesome. 
We think decision trees would be a great fit! Try it out!
Simple. You don't need a decision tree. Keep life simple. 

How do I create a decision tree?

It's super simple:

1. Go onto your Helpjuice Article that you want to create a decision tree. 

2) Click on the decision tree icon (screenshot)

3) You'll now see a decision tree, with your first question, and sample buttons/response prefilled. You can add as many buttons as you'd like, and clicking on one button will allow you to add children questions/buttons to it. 

4) Once done, just preview it in your knowledge base view! 

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