How to upload file?

A lot of times you'd like to be able to guide users to better understand your solution through images or file attachments (such as PDFs). We've made it super easy for you to do just this, within Helpjuice.

Helpjuice's editor supports uploading files and photos and is super easy to use. Follow three simple steps below and you can have images and files in your articles

1. File icon

Once you're inside the text editor please click in any area of your content to show the toolbar. That will bring up popup window where you can simply drag a file or click to search in your personal files.

2. Choose file

Once popup window is there, you can choose the file. To do this click on Choose File button and select your file or simply drag the file into the pop-up window. It will automatically generate a link based on your file name. 

3. Customize your link

You can change the default text to make your file more user friendly. Just click in the file link, then in "Edit link".

Also worth mentioning, if you want URL of that file, on "Edit link" option, just copy the URL and that's all. This is common if you want to upload CSS or JS file and use it for your customization.

Pretty simple, right?

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