What is the difference between Public, Internal and Private accessibility?


Written By Fernando Acosta (Draft Writer)

Updated at January 10th, 2020

When you're creating a question or category you have an option to choose the visibility as Public, Internal or Private. According to your goals with this question or category you should select the right option.

Bellow we list the common ways to use this feature.


This option is the default. When a question or category is set to Public, anyone can access it. The question will be available in our search, under categories and "Popular questions" (if apply). No login is required.


Internal questions or categories requires Helpjuice login to get access. It works exactly as Public options, but only for registered users. That is great to share private content with your team.

If you want turn your entire KB as internal, please take a look here.


The Private visibility also requires login. However, you can select specific users/groups who can access the content. This feature is good to share private articles with a specific group of users in the company, such as content for sales or design team. Be aware that, in order to avoid losing content, the category/question's creator (user who first saved it) will always have access to it, even if he/she is not in the allowed users list.

Private Categories

Please note that for a user to have access to a Question, he/she must also have access to its Category. Therefore, if you have a private Category with a public Question inside it, that Question will only be seen by users that have access to its private Category.

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